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HollyShort’s Film Premiere of Morgan Pickett’s Charge

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The premiere of Morgan Pickett’s Charge at HollyShorts was a success! At the 11th annual HollyShort film festival Christopher Chapman and Zorya Films was proud to be selected and premiere

The Making of Morgan Pickett’s Charge.

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Taking over the West Coast, Western Style! When Tampa Florida's, Writer, Director and Producer Christopher Chapman set out to create a stylistic western action packed drama he decided to go

Morgan Pickett Goes to Hollywood

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Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Morgan Pickett’s Charge! Morgan Pickett’s Charge has been selected in the 11th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival! It will premiere at the Chinese Theatre


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A high fashion action/sci fi film set in the near future when advances in technology and robotics are not just threatening society but also humanity. Lead protagonist Ari's childhood love

Morgan Pickett’s Charge

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The story of a young girl’s fight to keep what is rightfully hers in the wild west.

The Accident

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A broken spirited Charlie meets someone who changes his view on life. Destiny keeps telling him this love won’t work and that it’s too much of a gamble.