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Directed by Bobby Marinelli

A Zorya Films Production

Produced by Bobby Marinelli & Christopher Chapman
Executive Producer Christopher Lawrence Chapman
Cinematography by Beth Napoli

City of Mermaids follows Christine, a mermaid performer at a struggling roadside attraction in Florida named Weeki Wachee Springs. It is here where Christine and a team of mermaids put on underwater shows to diminishing crowds in the natural spring waters of Weeki Wachee. As a third generation mermaid, Christine’s destiny is with the park and the tight-knit community that surrounds it. But as time goes on, Christine develops an unquenchable thirst to see the world outside of Weeki Wachee. Christine must choose between a life carved out for her in the spring and an unpredictable future on the surface. Set at the start of the new millennium, City of Mermaids is a journey through the changing tides of life, love, and the perils of coming of age.