Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Morgan Pickett’s Charge!

Morgan Pickett’s Charge has been selected in the 11th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival! It will premiere at the Chinese Theatre on August 14th 2015 at 5pm.

Morgan Pickett’s Charge is a short film that is shot in a very elaborate style. Writer and Director Christopher Chapman with his Producer Ashley Eberbach and Cinematographer Thor Wixom pulled off an amazing production filled with stylistic and epic shots.

Working on this production was not easy flying a UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the desert with horses, stunts, wind and guns was quit the challenge says Chapman but this is also why this film would stand apart from all of the rest.

Zorya Film’s owner Christopher Chapman embarked on his journey into Hollywood via the old west and brought us this 5 minute short film, about a young girl all alone in the wild west fighting to keep what she owns. Does Morgan have any fight left to win? We’ll see, but leave the gun and horse at home!

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"Morgan Pickett's Charge"
Written & Directed by Christopher Lawrence Chapman
Produced by Ashley Eberbach
Cinematography by Thor Wixom
Sound by: Michael Colton