A High Fashion Action/Sci Fi
Behind The Scenes
Lights, Camera, Action!
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Cast & Crew

Written & Directed by Ashley Eberbach
A Burn One Production
In Association with Zorya Films
Produced by Philip Jessen Andrew Montanez & Ashley Eberbach
Executive Producer Christopher Lawrence Chapman
Cinematography by Sing Howe Yam
Sound & Music by Michael Colton, Tony Lanuto

“Axiom” is a high fashion action/sci fi film set in the near future when advances in robotics are not just threatening society but also humanity.

The film follows Ari who’s childhood love for her own robot has led her to rebel against her father and declare allegiance to her robot-trafficking cousin. Now, her cousin’s robots are destroying peace-loving communities and killing innocent people, including a group Arri’s father started called Free Street. 

As Ari races to save her father and brothers, she is forced to determine whether technology has become a savior or a killer.